Using mechanical purge for extrusion

Before you start: the following are general guidelines for using our Ramclean. In order to achieve maximum efficiency slight adjustments of quantity and process might be needed. We advise contacting our experts to get more tips & best practices to match your specific requirements

Safety: When performing these procedures, it is the machine operators’ responsibility to know their company’s safety policy, machine safety operating parameters, and wear appropriate protective safety equipment.

1. Stop feeding the extruder with the material in use.

2. Clean the hopper and around it very carefully, it is essential for the success of the whole cleaning procedure.

3. Empty the extruder.

4. Raise working temperatures by 10°C.

– For heat sensitive materials, do not raise temperatures more than those recommended by the resin manufacture.

– For flat die, raise the temperatures at the sides of the die 10°C higher than at the center.

5. Remove screen pack.

6. Start adding RAMCLEAN (mechanical grade)  until it flows out from the die.

7. Stop the screw and let RAMCLEAN sit for 2-3 minutes. Note – it is possible to skip that stage if the cleaning isn’t very hard

8. Resume screw rotation and start flushing out RAMCLEAN  at low screw speed, after 2 minutes- increase the screw speed.

9. If contaminants are still visible after most of RAMCLEAN is flushed out, add more RAMCLEAN or repeat steps 4 to 7.

10. Add the next production resin and flush out the remaining of RAMCLEAN.

11. Install the screen pack, adjust temperature and screw settings for the production resin and continue with production.

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